Normand Leduc

I got into the world of wood turning completely by accident. A few years ago I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said a wood lathe. What are you going to do with a wood lathe? I said I will figure it out. So on January 5, 2012 I turned my first pen. It started out to be a hobby to relieve stress and the more I did it the more I liked it and it wasn’t long before I became addicted. People started liking my pens and I have since turned over 800 of them. Most of them were given away to friends and family then I began donating some to charities to raise money. People do ask me to make gifts for them and I have expanded my works to include bottle stoppers, ice cream and coffee scoops, bottle openers, crochet needles, shaving stands, bowls, razors and brushes, and cheese knives. I want to be able to make anything that is functional and can be used. My skill level is continuously developing. While I am self taught, I have joined a couple of wood turning guilds and learn from the members. I continue to hone my skills everyday and one day I hope to become well-known for the quality and beauty of my work. I strive to make every piece a masterpiece of its own that the people who own them appreciate the work.
I never make two pieces the same and I like to experiment with all types of exotic woods, acrylics and other materials. There are over 70,000 species of wood on this planet so there is a lot to work with. Acrylics can be fun to work with also as well as volcanic lava, corn cob, blue jeans and anything else.
New life can be breathed into almost any piece of wood destined for the fire pile or recycled bin. It only takes imagination and sharp tools to work to find that out.
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience as limited as it is to others who may be inspired by some of what I do.

  • Exotic Woods 80%
  • Acrylics 60%
  • Experimental Materials 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

The Process

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